Son Julia Country HouseSon Julia Country House

Son Julia Country House

Son Julia Country HouseSon Julia Country House


Son Julia Vineyard

Son Julia´s vineyards produce a light, fruity white wine called "Chapren" made from autochthonous Prensal Blanc and Chardonnay grapes.

Matured in cement egg shaped tanks by a local wine producer, it is currently sold exclusively at the hotel and makes a perfect companion to many of our chef´s wonderful dishes. 

Wine production was brought to the Balearics by the Romans around 121 BC, and in recent years has enjoyed a comeback. The island now produces around 300 different wines from 60 "bodegas" or wine cellars, and have won national and international awards. We can organise wine tasting for groups in our Bodeguita wine cellar, or arrange for a wine tasting visit to some of the island´s vineyards. 

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